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Called "THE NEW LOOFAH" by People magazine.

LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator is influenced by a West African beauty ritual. Made of 100% Nylon, this magical mesh is gentle enough for daily exfoliation with results you’ll SEE and FEEL after each use.

We took the classic African Net Sponge and perfected it. Redesigned specifically with you in mind, LUV SCRUB’s unique premium design has finished edges (extending the life span up to 18 months) and is in longer length (stretching up to 50”), making it easier to reach your back and all hard-to-reach places, eliminating the need for other bath tools.

Experts recommend LUV SCRUB for removing dead skin, preventing ingrown hairs, minimizing body acne, and much more.

Experience the lavish benefits of exfoliation and scrub yourself sexy with this small luxury — you deserve it.

We're called Smooth Operators for a reason.

LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator

  • Wet and apply your body wash or soap. Experience the lather. Massage over body. Rinse and air dry. Use daily or as needed.


    Do not use on areas with cuts and abrasions. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin conditions. If skin irritation occurs, stop using immediately.

    Due to the unique characteristics of the mesh, imperfections are natural. Mesh will soften and stretch with time.

    Wanna keep your LUV SCRUB fresh? Rinse with hot water and hang dry.

  • CAUTION: putting the LUV SCRUB in the washing machine may take away from the integrity of the product.

    Important Information:

    All LUV SCRUBs are unique and in its traditional form

    Color variation may occur

    Hand feel may differ on each scrub

    Pieces are hand cut with LUV

    There will be variations in each piece

    Mesh will stretch in length and sides will fray with time

    Characteristics listed above will not take away from the effectiveness of the mesh

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