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Supercharged with salicylic acid, the Clean Slate Clearing Mist helps fight and prevent stubborn acne breakouts. Made with a lightweight formula containing anti-inflammatory rose extract, willow bark extract, tea tree oil, and soothing eucalyptus oil- this powerful combination controls excess sebum, calms inflammation, and soothes redness. Rest assured this product is alcohol free and contains all natural ingredients. When using the mist, the press cap releases a very fine, soothing mist that evenly coats the skin and distributes product softly and generously for a light and refreshing experience. FDA approved acne treatment.

Clean Skin Club Clean Slate Clearing Mist

  • - Helps clear existing breakouts and prevents future flare-ups

    - Keeps acne and clogged pores under control

    - Gently exfoliates dead skin and pore buildup

    - Helps create even skin texture

    - Reduces swelling and irritation from breakouts

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